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Real-time communication with friends worldwide

With the Ola voice chat and friendship app, you can chat in real-time with friends from all over the world. With advanced voice recognition and translation features, Ola helps you effortlessly break language barriers and connect with more interesting people.


One-stop satisfaction for auditory pleasure

Discover a wide range of voice content on Ola Square, such as story sharing, music performances, sound effects, poetry recitation, and jokes. You can also upload your own work and share your talent.


Make friends globally

Ola supports multilingual communication, allowing you to make friends from around the world. On Ola, you can freely choose your communication language, expand your social circle, and make friendships without being limited by region or language.

Smart AI Assistant

More intimate chat interactions

Ola's built-in emotional AI chat assistant learns your preferences and needs, becoming your close friend. Whether sharing joys, venting worries, or seeking companionship, the AI assistant provides real-time responses.

  • Provides emotional support, relieves stress and anxiety.
  • Establishes emotional connection, alleviates loneliness and despair.
  • Provides impartiality and confidentiality, allowing us to freely express our emotions and problems.
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